Discussion Questions for Secret Life of Bees

Hi Seniors,

We have a big Graded Discussion on Monday to wrap up the Secret Life of Bees unit; don’t forget to bring your 3 questions!

Remember:  We worked with a number of texts during this unit, so while one or more of your questions MUST be about the Secret Life of Bees (book), the others may cover any of the following:

  • The Secret Life of Bees (film– especially as it compares with the book)
  • John Scalzi’s “Straight White Male” article
  • Peggy McIntosh’s “Invisible Knapsack” article
  • “Hipster” -isms (see the notes)
  • Henry Louis Gates’s documentary, African American Lives

I’d also encourage you to review the various themes, motifs, and symbols of the book–don’t limit yourself to just the plot and characters.

Also, you may want to review the above materials before the discussion; they can be found on the Secret Life of Bees page of this site.


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