BritLit Sonnet Essays: New Tools for Draft Revision

Outline Template

  • To use the template…
    • Sign in to your Google account
    • Open the link above
    • Click “File” and then “Make a Copy.” Your copy will belong to you and will be editable.
  • Please remember: The outline is provided to assist those who are struggling, and to act as a reminder of things that should or could be included in the essay. If you already have a draft, I recommend simply checking that you have sufficient context at the beginning of your essay (as is suggested in the outline), but otherwise retaining your chosen method for organization.

Tone Words: More interesting and precise than “good”/”bad,” or “positive”/”negative”!  If you’re struggling for word choice (WC), this is a great resource.

Mood Wheel: When describing the emotional effect of a poem, go beyond “sad,” “angry,” and “happy”–this wheel sorts mood words in a way that may be helpful for many.

Other reminders:

  1. Use slashes to separate lines of poetry when using more than one line in a quotation. (/)  Better yet, keep your quotations down to just a couple of words at a time. These “kernels” of text are easier to embed and allow you to analyze the poem on a deep level.
  2. Include at least 2-3 devices. This is part of WILDS and can help you evaluate Tone (which is itself a device!). Any good analysis will identify and discuss a few devices simply due to the nature of analysis.
  3. If you use any source outside of your poem and the textbook, be sure to include a Works Cited page AND in-text citations.
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