Twelfth Night


Portrait of Shakespeare from the First Folio. Generally considered to be the most accurate drawing of Shakespeare. “Shakespeare Droeshout 1623” by Martin Droeshout – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Twelfth Night Packet: This packet will check your understanding and guide class discussions about the play. It also contains a character list with descriptions of each main character, and the “Anatomy of a Sonnet” page.’s No Fear Shakespeare for Twelfth Night, featuring a side-by-side modern “translation” of the Shakespearean text.  I recommend using this to catch up on reading if you miss a day in class.

Shakespeare’s original pronunciation.  This Open University video explains how many of Shakespeare’s rhymes and puns have been lost because English pronunciation has changed significantly over the last 400 years.

Shakespeare Notes:  Intro to Shakespeare, including a brief biography and other relevant details about Elizabethan/Jacobean life.

Essay: You will write a compare/contrast essay for this text.