Independent Reading

For each semester of Science Fiction, students are required to read one text of their choosing independently.

Criteria for choosing a text:  Your text should be a novel or collection of short stories falling into the genres of Science Fiction or Fantasy.

Need help? Check out NPR’s handy flowchart guide to SF and Fantasy! It has all kinds of ideas to help you select the right book for you.

At the end of the semester, you will analyze your reading in a piece of critical writing.  Use Mrs. Edelen’s SF Critique and Discussion standards for stories and novels to guide your thinking (replace “Sci-Fi” with “Fantasy” as needed).


  • 600-1000 Words
  • Detailed Critique, including introduction of the plot and characters, analysis of themes.  See Critique Standards.
  • Organized structure
    • Include a “rating” (Two thumbs up, 3/5 stars, etc.) as your thesis, and support your reasoning for the rating.

SEMESTER 2At the end of the semester, you will present a place setting that is representative of your reading.  See the assignment sheet here.