Independent Reading

For each semester of Science Fiction, students are required to read one text of their choosing independently.

Criteria for choosing a text:  Your text should be a novel or collection of short stories falling into the genres of Science Fiction or Fantasy.

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At the end of the semester, you will analyze your reading in a piece of critical writing.  Use Mrs. Edelen’s SF Critique and Discussion standards for stories and novels to guide your thinking (replace “Sci-Fi” with “Fantasy” as needed).


  • 600-1000 Words
  • Detailed Critique, including introduction of the plot and characters, analysis of themes.  See Critique Standards.
  • Organized structure
    • Include a “rating” (Two thumbs up, 3/5 stars, etc.) as your thesis, and support your reasoning for the rating.

SEMESTER 2At the end of the semester, you will present a place setting that is representative of your reading.  See the assignment sheet here.