Personal Marketing Unit

As you prepare to leave high school, one of the most important skills you will need is the ability to “sell” yourself by making yourself look like the best possible candidate for a school, a scholarship, or a job.  This can be difficult when you’re so often encouraged not to talk about yourself in writing, and never to talk yourself up or “brag” in any situation.

This assignment will require you to do the following:

  1. Build a resume
    1. This will be scored on a Pass/Fail basis, and it must be perfect to pass!
  2. Determine which mode best applies to you: College Admissions Essay, Scholarship Essay, or Cover Letter.
  3. Find a prompt or a template for your mode (see links below)
    1. **Paste your prompt at the top of your Google Doc.
  4. Complete several drafts–don’t stop until it’s perfect!

The tools below give you specific websites to review; to see the notes from class, click here.

The Modes

  1. A college admissions essay– for students working on applying to colleges and universities that require an essay as part of the application procedure.
  2. A scholarship essay– for students who have already been offered a place at a college or university, or for those whose applications do not require any essays.
    • HHS Counseling Office has a Scholarship List that is updated frequently as scholarship information is released.
      • Not all scholarships require essays; you will need to find one that does for the purposes of this assignment (though you should apply to any of them for which you qualify!).
      • This list includes several links at the bottom of the page, including Scholly and FastWeb, which are also listed below. Check these links out! They are helpful!
    • *register at this site in order to view scholarships
    • FastWeb *register at this site in order to view scholarships
      • NEVER PAY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: Please be cautious: evaluate any service you use carefully, never give anyone claiming to be a scholarship provider any money, and consider looking for the scholarships outside of Fastweb (via Google, for example).
    • MSU Resident Scholarship (scroll to the bottom to find the essay prompts).
    • UM Scholarships
      • The Horatio Alger Scholarship (This one is difficult to find through the UM site, so I have linked to the application page. You will need to create an account/sign in to the application to see prompts).
      • Applications to the Davidson Honors College that are completed by December 1st will be considered for the Presidential Leadership Scholarship.
  3. A cover letter– for students who do not plan to go to college, or who have already completed both of the other two options at an earlier date.



The essay will be graded holistically (as a whole) based on the 6 Traits of writing, which allows readers to evaluate any style of writing.

  • Ideas & Content: You MUST include the prompt on the essay you turn in for class,but REMOVE it for official submission to the college or scholarship committee!
  • Organization
  • Voice
  • Word Choice
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Conventions