Speech and Debate

Speech and Debate Handbook 2014-15

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Practice Schedule: 

  • Interp and MPA students may schedule practices with me Monday-Thursday, 3:30-5:30 during the official season.
    • Expect to be there for the entire practice time.
      • Your practice will take about 30 minutes, and you should plan on working with your teammates during their practices. Your feedback is invaluable to your peers, and it’s part of the “quality practice” required by the handbook.
    • If you need to practice outside the official practice schedule above, please talk to me. We can make arrangements to work at other times if necessary, but you should plan on attending at least one regular practice time per week so that you can work with the rest of our Interp squad.
  • You are expected to sign up at least 24 hours in advance.
    • Sign up is online on the Google Calendar (see below). To get access to the calendar, email me (JennaLFClark@gmail.com) from your gmail address, and put “Calendar” in the subject line. I will then share the calendar with you.
      • Always put YOUR NAME as the Event name (or “What”) when adding a practice.
    • If you do not sign up at least one day prior to practice, you will not be guaranteed a practice spot.
    • Please keep in mind that I have school work to do, too.  You are welcome to work on homework in my room before, during, or sometimes after practice hours, but I expect you to keep focused and respect my time and your own.