Travel Club


Travel Club is committed to helping students become global citizens through travel. Mr. Hussey and Ms. Clark have both had the opportunity to experience the life-changing, eye-opening effects of international travel, and we know that there are few things as valuable to students as the opportunity to get out and explore, meet new people, and experience cultures different from our own.

Travel Club was established in 2016, and we are currently enrolling students for our third annual Spring Break Trip.

Upcoming Trips:
2020: Greece and Italy
2021: Japan

Past Trips:
2017: Dublin and London
2018: France, Germany, and the Alps
2019: Stories of Scotland

If you are interested in travelling, have questions, or just want to talk about travel in general, feel free to stop by a meeting or contact us!

We meet in room 26 for “Travel Tuesdays” at lunch every week.  Mr. Hussey and Ms. Clark are both happy to answer any questions, and of course you can “like” our Facebook page and follow our Travel Club Twitter @HHSTravelClub for updates, travel photos, fundraisers, and more!