Semester 2: Synthesis

A synthesis essay asks students to make use of a selection of sources in order to respond to a prompt. It may be informative or argumentative, and it may employ the structure of other modes, such as compare/contrast or persuasive (concession or boomer).

  1. Poetry Project & Essay
    1. Exemplification Essay
      1. Outline Template
    2. To review how to embed or integrate quotes into a body paragraph, see the Grammar and Composition Guide pages 6-7 (see link to the right, or review the revised link below).
      1. Revised “How to Integrate Quotations” from the Grammar and Comp. Guide
      2. San Jose State’s handout on embedding quotes: This one features a list of “signal phrases” to help you embed your quotations.
    3. SOAPSTone Notes (adapted from APCentral)
    4. YOU WILL TURN IN: Annotated poem, presentation notes, outline, 1st draft, and Final Draft. You will peer edit the 2nd draft.
      1. How to Annotate a Poem (video); How to Annotate a Poem (handout)
    5. Poetry Terms
    6. Tone and Mood words
    7. Find poems on the Poetry Out Loud website
  2. Social Injustice Trayvon Martin/ Emmett Till Synthesis Prompt
    1. Point-by-Point Outline Template
  3. “Race in the US” Synthesis Prompt
    1. Argumentative Outline Template
      1. You may also find this outline sheet helpful.  It uses slightly different language to describe the parts of the paragraphs, but does a sentence-by sentence breakdown of what content you will need.
  4. YA Lit Synthesis Prompt