Significant Writing

The Significant Writing program at HHS involves writing a minimum of 8 process writing pieces per year.   A process writing piece is defined as an essay (narrative, informative, or argumentative) that goes through the complete writing process: planning, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing.  To qualify as Significant Writing, a piece must be read at least twice by a teacher (rough draft and final draft), and it must be thoroughly edited and revised by the student. This will also frequently involve peer editing, which allows students to workshop their writing with other students, and to learn both from others’ feedback and from reading others’ writing.

General Writing Tools

Semester 1:  Modes Focus: Analysis

Semester 2:  Modes Focus: Definition

  • Essay #5: Definition Essay: Myth/Truth
  • Essay #6: Definition Essay #2: Choice topic
  • Essay #7: Epic Hero Analysis Essay
  • Essay #8Mock Congress Essay
    • This project in May will be a collaboration between the English and Social Studies departments.
      • Students without a Government class will do a research project in the same style (Problem Solution) as those with a Government class.
      • Students in Government will use their research essay to create a Bill, which will then be used in the Mock Congress in Government classes.
      • Students who do not turn in a Final Draft will not be able to pass these two required classes!  This project represents not only a significant amount of class time and student effort, but is also assigned a high point value accordingly.
  • Presentation: Arthurian Legends