Test Review

The AP Language Exam consists of two parts:

  1. Multiple Choice (60 minutes)
  2. Free-Response Questions (FRQs) (135 minutes)
    1. Q1: Synthesis Essay
    2. Q2: Rhetorical Analysis Essay
    3. Q3: Argument Essay

Please refer to College Board’s APCentral website for test registration information and other resources.

AP Central also has a page for the AP Language Exam, featuring the FRQs from the last 10+ years, chief reader reports, sample essays, and other exam information.

“An AP Lang Toolbox”: the following documents and activities are available in the booklet distributed in class. They are not owned by Ms. Clark and are not approved for online distribution, so you must refer to your hard copy.


  • AP English Language & Comp Scoring Guide (Rubric for AP Exam Readers)
  • Recognizing and Writing about Tone
  • Power Verbs
  • Rhetorical Devices and their Functions
  • Ways to Think and Write about Style and “Arrangement”
  • “Rhetorical Strategies” and “Language Devices”
  • A Syntax Primer
    • Syntax Activity
  • Revision Project: Improving Sentence Style
  • Analysis of Informal Writing: Esther Burr’s Journal
  • Vary Sentence Length
  • The Arch Method
  • “Arrangement” Identifying Rhetorical Structure (Pre-Charting)
  • The Five Language Registers

Misc. Writing:

  • Say Goodbye to the Five-Paragraph Essay
  • Writing Strong Opening Paragraphs
  • Writing With Precision at the Sentence Level
  • Examining Our Assumptions
  • Practice with Logical Fallacies
  • Stevenson’s Notes on Argument

Multiple Choice

  • AP Multiple-Choice handout


  • “Everything You Need to Know [and more] about AP Language”

Test Review (Links to Pogreba’s page)