Genetic Engineering/Science


  • Short Stories
    • “Macs” by Terry Bisson
    • “BD 11*1*86” by Joyce Carol Oates
  • Film and TV
    • Gattaca
    • Star Trek (TOS): “Space Seed”
    • Fringe: “Unleashed”
  • Novel
    • Blood Music by Greg Bear
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    • Ethics Lifeboat Activity
    • Research/Discuss general info, issues, current events (online discussion via
    • Jigsaw Assignment (group project)
    • Gattaca Essay

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Current Events:

For current events in the world of Genetic Engineering, check out the following:

Subtopics for Jigsaw Assignment:

***ALL GROUPS: please note that this is a very modern science, and while some of these issues peaked in relevance and popularity in past decades, most are still developing today. I have posted the articles below to get you started, but please go out and do your own research–new articles are posted daily on many of these topics!

Designer Babies:



Synthetic Life & Synthetic Biology:

Gene Therapy, Medicine, and Gene Editing: